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ProCam HD

Intraoral Dental Camera $490

Camera Details:

. Dustproof and waterproof lens – You Can Wipe instead of using horrible plastic coverings

-. HD 1280 x 720 @ 24bpp Auto Focus (Better than $7000 cameras)
-. 1/4″ CMOS.
-. Blue light and white light could switch. Easily switch from white to blue.
-. USB connect to computer directly.
-. It can zoom 4 position below 1080p.
-. Has mirror function on camera

Camera headpiece * 1 PC;
Camera sleeves * 50 pcs;
USB cable * 1PC;

ProCam Twain Software license included and all cameras have free installation (Remote Install)

Who Are We?

We are Dental Digital imaging experts who work professionally in IT Dental Sector in Sydney Australia.
Worked for server years with HenrySchein ,and a wide variety of imaging systems.

After working in this space for over 10 years, it was obvious there was a lack of quality dental cameras with accompanying software that just simply worked with every day imaging software.

We found the best camera with an excellent image sensor, and created our own twain software to use with it.

There is no need for $4500 cameras these days for a great image! Waterproof is a must to stop fogging, and you must have good software, else it simply won;t be worth it.

Mouth Watch cameras are a typical good camera with a bad twain software- only enabling single photos, not multiple.
This makes it almost worthless in the real world.

Software is absolute the key, with great hardware.


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We can remote in to your system, test our software to ensure the best experience with our cameras. Quick same day system checks using Team Viewer

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ProCam HD is water tight & Dust proof camera Paired with our Dental software making it an excellent choice for any dental practice wanting to take Professional photos.