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ProCam Twain Software

Guaranteed Integration with our Specialised ProCamera Software

Hardware is only half the story, without good software you won’t be able to take multiple photos or
use the cameras capture buttons. So we made our own, making us the superior choice. Below is ProCamera Twain working with Romexis.

Default Monitor Selection

Set your camera software to open on the Dental Chair monitor by default, and in full screen mode every-time you open it.

If you have a desktop PC and a Dental Chair monitor, it is easier to have the image appear in front of the client and you for easier operation. Simply select Monitor 2 in settings.

Select Open Maximised, to open in full screen view also.

Dental Camera Settings

ProCamera Software will auto detect your cameras resolution, and only show supported resolutions in the drop down box.

Pro Camera Resolution

ProCamera Software is supported by the latest cloud based Software systems like Core Practice, Prakitka, and all other imaging software with TWAIN functionality. Romexis, D4W, Centuar Media Suite, Sedixes and more.

If your not sure, we can connect via TeamViewer, install our software and show you how it will work on your own system. Simply fill our our contact form and we will be in touch ASAP.

Transfer Multiple Photos in one go back to your software, no more one at a time! Easily remove unwanted photos before transfer back to your software.

Intraoral Dental Export Camera

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